How do Nazava water filters work?

All Nazava water filters are equipped with a high-quality water purification system. Developed in close cooperation with Santa Clara University, Delft University as well as the expertise of the Resilience BV network, Nazava water filters have been consistently improved and have become the affordable and reliable products they are today.

The filtration process follows three steps: 

Step One
Size exclusion
The first step of the filtration process works with what is referred to as size exclusion. At this stage, all particles bigger than 0.4 micrometer as well as most bacteria are filtered out by a ceramic membrane block filter. This ceramic membrane block candle forms the core of every Nazava water filter.
Step Two
Active bacteria removal
In a second step, the bacteria trapped in the ceramic membrane candle is eliminated by nano-silver. Nano-silver has been widely used in medical treatments for more than 100 years and has proven to be a powerful anti-microbial agent. By attaching to bacteria and fungus, positively charged silver ions (Ag+) disrupt the cell metabolism and hinder cell growth. Cell multiplication is inhibited by the nano-silver by suppressing the bacteria’s basic functions like membrane permeability and the cell respiratory system.
Step Three
Improved odour and taste
The last step includes the absorption of chemicals and organics by ultra-high-grade activated carbon to improve odour and taste.

Clean water 
is our mission

You can help us doing good by donating a water filter for a family in need. 
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