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Do Nazava water filters help to resolve turbidity?

Yes, it does. Turbidity (or cloudiness) is caused by the presence of solid particles reducing the clarity of water. As light falls in, those particles reflect off it resulting in varying degrees of cloudiness. The larger the number of particles, the cloudier the water. Turbid water favors higher levels of bacteria and pathogens as they easily attach to suspended solid particles in the water. Thus, the filtration process of the Nazava water filter will not only minimize turbidity, it will inevitably lead to reduction of bacteria as well.

Does Nazava water filters remove bacteria?

Yes, according to laboratory tests conducted by the WHO, 99.9 percent of common contaminants can be eliminated by Nazava water filters. A ceramic membrane block efficiently absorbs particles larger than 0.4 micrometer. The nano-silver incorporated in the ceramic will then disable the bacteria’s basic functions, remove them from the water leaving it fresh, clean and tasty.

Which kind of water can be used?

The Nazava water filters can be used to purify water from the following sources:

- Fresh water which is not chemically contaminated
- Turbid water
- Rain water
- Well water
- Tap water

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