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Drink filtered!

Convenient, hassle-free and safe potable water for everyone.
It's cost-effective!
You can finally do away with buying and boiling water! A water filter is all you need to supply you and your family with clean, fresh tasting drinking water on a budget. The gravity-driven membrane filtration process works entirely without electricity or other fuels. Look forward to some

substantial bottom-line savings and more money in your pocket!
It's convenient
Requiring only minimal maintanance, Nazava water filters provide thousands of litres of purified water which equals up to three years of clean water supply. 

Time-saving and conveniently available at your home!
It's healthy!
Purified water is essential to life and our entire well-being.

By eliminating 99.999% of bacteria, the Nazava water filter produces water that is clean and safe - 

keeping you and your family healthy!
It's eco-friendly!
Nazava water filters go beyond providing clean, safe and great tasting water; they also help to safe the enviroment by cutting down on plastic bottle waste, reducing your carbon footprint by minimizing transport as well as 

saving electricity and fuel.

Order now and take advantage of a 15% opening discount!

Enjoy from now clean, safe and affordable drinking water, hassle free and convinient.

  • I run a gym in Bali and use the Riam water filter to always offer my customers refreshing water. Before that, I had to buy and transport the water in gallons. With the Riam it's now cheaper and much more convenient!
    Tiara Bull
    Denpasar, Bali
  • After the earthquake in 2018 our village received a water filter from Nazava. It helped us a lot!
    Lombok, NTB

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Clean water 
is our mission

You can help us doing good by donating a water filter for a family in need. 
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